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Music radio show featuring best Croatian music - produced by Croatian Phonographic Association, hosted by Ana Radisic and Kornelije Hecimovic.

April 2, 2020

Inkubator dobre glazbe by HDU - 2.4.2020

Musicians all over the world are sending the same message: We are in this together. They`re helping those in need and streaming their performances, charity shows and virtual festivals. We got to see a live performance of Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, AURORA and Alicia Keys. Taylor Swift sent out checks of 3000 dollars to her fans who needed it most in these hard times. Miley Cyrus started a daily talk show Bright Minded from the comfort of her home.

This week in Incubator we talk about a campaign started by Hrvatska diskografska udruga, called #PjevajmoZaZagreb. We`ll listen to Zdenka Kovačićek, and hear the new version of Target`s album called „Jedan dan u Zagrebu“. We`ll also check out the HR Top 40 list on which Damir Kedžo. LUCE, Nina Badrić and Vatra run the show this week.

Let`s listen!

List of tracks:

Zdenka Vučković - Zagreb, Zagreb (Croatia Records), Damir Kedžo - Vidi se izdaleka (Croatia Records), Kristijan Rahimovski - Sve dok imaš ljubav (Hit Records),Target - Kroz metropolu (Koolade Remix) (Menart), Plesač sporog stepa - 7 nota 100 života (Aquarius Records), Markiz feat. Aljoša Šerić & Toni Starešinić – Možda (Croatia Records), Luce - U sjećanju (Dallas Records), Nina Badrić - Da biram (Aquarius Records), Vikend-revolucija - Trip (Dallas Records), Vatra - Sva naša ljeta (Dallas Records), Trio Gušt - Hej tugo (Dancing Bear), Tomislav Bralić i Klapa Intrade - Riči lažljive (Scardona)

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