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Music radio show featuring best Croatian music - produced by Croatian Phonographic Association, hosted by Ana Radisic and Korenlije Hecimovic.


Music in the Age of Corona means loads of streamed concerts, communication via social media, listening to new songs on the radio in the comfort of our homes and discovering interesting stuff on streaming services. It also means discovering a whole new way to create our Incubator.

Just as always we bring you some musical news, new songs from our music scene, a glance of HR Top 40 and an album that brings smiles. And that`s just how we`d describe this week`s episode - filled with optimism and smiles. Exactly what we need these days...

In this episode we`ll hear songs from Cubismo and Nola, Mile Kekin, Luka Nižetić and Ogenj. Album of the week has an interesting name- Gluten Tag, and it`s the work of Helem nejse, a band from Sarajevo.

List of tracks:

Gelato Sisters - Nezamjenjivo, (Aquarius Records, Mikrofon Records), Cubismo feat. Nola - Lijepa si danas (Aquarius Records), Darius feat. Laura Mjeda - Sve što želim (Hit Records), Helem Nejse - Lagana zadava (Croatia Records), Mile Kekin - Epilog kuće bez krova (Menart), Leteći odred - Hajde reci mi (Croatia Records), Dino Petrić - Vino i noć (Croatia Records), Luka Nižetić - Život je let (Dallas Records), Elemental - Hej, sanjalice (383 Records), Ogenj - Kaj nebi bilo (Dancing Bear), Vatra - Sva naša ljeta (Dallas Records), Robert Funčić – Dječak (Dallas Records)

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Corona is in command of our everyday lives these days. Concerts are being cancelled, socializing isn`t recommended, and sports events are getting postponed. Following the cancellation of the NBA season, Champions League and the Croatian First Football League, it`s debatable whether the European Football Championship is going to happen either.

Oh, Kornelije and Ana have also been separated by COVID-19. But don`t be saddened, our favorite duo found a way to film the new episode "together but apart" - Ana is reporting from home this week and she is eager to bring you some of the best Croatian music.

Back to the news - We`re witnessing a new trend. Concerts have become streaming events. Also, new music is coming to streaming platforms. Rita Ora, Ava MAX, The Killers and Justin Timberlake have all recently blessed us with new music.

And not just them. Croatian music scene is equally lively. This weeks Incubator is proof. Amongst many others, we`ll hear songs by Nina Badrić, Mia Negovetić, Jure Brkljača and Damir Kedžo. Album of the week belongs to Baltazar who bring us some hard rock sounds.

Let`s listen!

List of tracks:

Kristijan Rahimovski - Sve dok imaš ljubav (Hit Records), Petar Grašo - Voli me (Tonika), Nina Badrić - Da biram (Aquarius Records), Baltazar - Treba nam ljubav (Dallas Records), Rokambol - Gavran (Mast Produkcija), Markiz feat. Aljoša Šerić & Toni Starešinić – Možda (Croatia Records), Mia Negovetić - When It Comes to You (Croatia Records), Jure Brkljača - Hajde nazovi me (Hit Records), Vlado Kalember i Srebrna krila - Kopija (Dancing Bear), Alen Nižetić - Lete uspomene (Scardona), Damir Kedžo - Divlji vjetre (Croatia Records), Nikola Marjanović - Let's Forgive (Menart)

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So, Katy Perry announced her pregnancy in a music video and Lady Gaga confirmed that her baby- the new album- is coming in April. Festival South West has been cancelled due to the Corona virus. We got news of 570 special editions that will be published worldwide for Record Store Day. Amongst them are the records by: Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Elton John, Sam Smith, Britney Spears, Destiny`s Child and Motorhead.

We don`t have 570 songs in this episode of Incubator, but we do have singles by Mia Dimšić, Jole, Vatra and Zdenka Kovačiček. Our Album of the week goes to Goran Karan. "Jedna noć u Zagrebu" is the name of the album and it`s a recording from Goran`s concert in Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb.

List of tracks:

Vladimir Kočiš Zec - Ti si moj rođendan (Croatia Records), Gabriella - Nekog kao ti (Croatia Records), Marei - Ne budi me (Menart), Goran Karan i Severina - Šta je svit (Scardona), Bojan Jambrošić - Više od riječi (Dallas Records), Mia Dimšić - Unatrag (Croatia Records), Jole - San snova (Tonika), Matija Cvek feat. Matija Dedić - Nasloni se (Menart), Mel Camino - Škvadra (Ideš? Idem! Remix) (Aquarius Records, Spona), Vatra - Sva naša ljeta (Dallas Records), Marko Kutlić - Samo nek ona sretna je (Hit Records), Zdenka Kovačiček - Love, Love, Love (Dancing Bear)

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IFPI(International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) announced that Taylor Swift is the Biggest global artist of the year 2019. Lady Gaga is about to publish her new album and Public Enemy are amongst many performers who showed their support for Bernie Sanders. Yes, many interesting things are happening in the music industry these days.

The excitement is present in Croatia as well, as was apparent on Dora. That`s why in this episode we`re talking about Dora - The Croatian national selection for a song that`ll represent Croatia on this years` Eurosong. We bring you lots of news and listen to mostly ladies this week. After all, it is the weekend dedicated to women, people. 

List of tracks:

Damir Kedžo - Divlji vjetre (Croatia Records), Iva Ćurić - Izvan ovog vremena (Styx Production/Croatia Records), Elma - Poklone u boji grlim (Croatia Records), Aklea Neon - Zovi ju mama (Aquarius Records), Alen Vitasović i Božidarka-Matija Čerina - Da se ne zatare (Dancing Bear), Anezi - Radoznala budalo (Menart), Jure Brkljača - Hajde nazovi me (Hit Records), Nina Badrić - Ratujem s tugom (Aquarius Records), Nika Turković – Raj (Aquarius Records), Medea - Stranci u našoj sudbini (Croatia Records), Antonija Šola & Mario Roth - Cijena prave ljubavi (Croatia Records), Pavel feat. Tedi Spalato - Ne daj na nas (Dallas Records)

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The BRITS are behind us and that night in London gave us a performance by Billie Eilish and Hans Zimmer as well as Johnny Marr (the one from the Smiths). Also, we witnessed Lewis Capaldi getting two awards and wacky Lizzo on stage and around it.

The nominations for Porin award are out! And we`re definitely talking about them. The nominations influenced this week`s Album of the week pick - URBAN&4 and Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra.

The month of love is nearing its end so we bring you some romantic verses, among those we`ll hear some hits from Vanna, Opća opasnost, Lara Demarin and Zdenka Kovačićek.

List of tracks:

Psihomodo pop - Digitalno nebo (Dallas Records), Vanna - Kad smo se voljeli (Croatia Records), Mia Dimšić i Marko Tolja - Sva blaga ovog svijeta (Croatia Records), Urban&4 i Zagrebačka filharmonija - Sutra ćemo pričati (Croatia Records), Opća opasnost - Vrati se (Croatia Records), Marko Rudelić - Živimo na rubu (Dallas Records), Lara Demarin - Uz tebe (Hit Records), Ljubavnici - Iznenadi me (Croatia Records), Zdenka Kovačiček – Adut (Dancing Bear), Demode - Od svega jača (Aquarius Records), Marko Kutlić - Samo nek ona sretna je (Hit Records), Robert Čavlović - Slađa od meda (Menart)

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