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Music radio show featuring best Croatian music - produced by Croatian Phonographic Association, hosted by Ana Radisic and Kornelije Hecimovic.


During the next hour we’ll discover some brand new things - both musical and informative. The informative part will be regarding news from the music world. Among them you’ll be able to hear the new album by the group Ljubavnici, called “Ništa nije slučajno.” It won’t be accidental that we’ll go through the HR Top 40 chart and find out which songs were the most popular ones among radio editors. You’ll be hearing Nina Kraljić, Hana Huljić, Kristina Boban, Vedran Mičetić and many others. Welcome to the Incubator! Your host will be our Ana Radišić.

Track list:

Heidi šeće psa - Probudi me (Menart), Vinko Ćemeraš & Salvi Tuuli - Nauči me (Universal), Nina Kraljić - Čuvaj me (Dallas), Ljubavnici - Ništa nije slučajno (Croatia Records), Klapa Rišpet - Maka, maka (Hit), Hana Huljić - Superman (Croatia), Kristina Boban - Zemlja i zrak (Dallas), Franka - Prvi osjećaj, (Karpo/Croatia Records), Ogenj - Moreš ti to (Dancing Bear), Vedran Mičetić - Kad sve more prekrije (Spona), Massimo - Mali krug velikih ljudi (Aquarius), Dyaco - Otrovnice (Hit), Klapa Partenca - U klapi pivan ja (Scardona)

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The chart expecting you this week is the HR Top 40 chart, bringing you the most popular songs on Croatian radio stations. You’ll be hearing two reworks and a live album by J.R. August, recorded in the Croatian Music Institute in Zagreb. Besides music news, be prepared for songs by pocket palma, Beti, Mia Dimšić and Daleka obala. Welcome to the Incubator! Our musical guide will be, once again, Ana Radišić!

Track list: Flyer - 23 minute (Croatia Records), Meri Andraković - Zaboravi me, (Croatia Records), pocket pama - Godišnji (Blacksoul Rework Radio Edit) (Aquarius), J.R. August - Distort Reality (Live) (Croatia Records), Paraf vs. The Siids - Bez lica (Reworked) (Dallas), Divlji dječak - Gori nebo (Menart), Beti - Slobodna (Aquarius), Mia Dimšić - Sretan put (Croatia Records), Daleka obala - Od tebe ća (Dancing Bear), Mrave brojim - Alkohol (Dallas), Massimo - Mali krug velikih ljudi (Aquarius), Valerio - Sada znam da je kraj (Hit), Klapa Žrnovnica - Žeđ (Scardona)

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Lady Gaga won five awards at the MTV Video Muisc Awards, while Taylor Swift celebrates her fifth triumph on American album charts, what makes her this year’s current recorder on the first place.  There is more and more companies ready to take over the business operations of TikTok i Namerica, as well as a growing number of world stars who have their radio shows on Apple Music Radio service. We’ll mention the latest additions, Huey Lewis, Carrie Underwood, Pharrell, Snoop Dogg and Disclosure. Turning domestic, this week we’ll be playing the biggest and the freshest singles of our, Croatian singers. Maybe one of these songs coming from our album of the week  'CMC Festival Vodice 2020.' will inspire you to record your own TikTok video. Or, maybe you’ll dare to visit our profiles on streaming services - Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer.  In the following 60 minutes you’ll be hearing  Sebastian Popović, Pavel, Jure Lubina and Damir Urban. Your guide through the land of the best Croatian music will be our Ana Radišić.

Cubismo & Jazz orkestar HRT-a - Krumpira (Aquarius), Sebastian Popović - Maksimum (Menart), Target, Suicidal, BRC, Farook, Kristijan Beluhan - Moj grad (Kolak47 Remix), (Menart), The Frajle & Mia Dimšić - Gledaj me u oči (Croatia Records), Ivana Kovač - Neće zlato na mene (Croatia Records), Jure Lubina - Kad si mi rekla laku noć (Dancing Bear), Stijepo Gleđ Markos - Prava rič (Scardona), Pavel - Bijela jedra (Dallas), Damir Urban - Nitko osim nas (Croatia Records), Prijatelji za Čedu - Koraci (Dallas), Massimo - Mali krug velikih ljudi (Aquarius), Dyaco - Otrovnica (Hit Records), Trio Gušt - Hej tugo (Dancing Bear)

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Did you know that music streaming enables musicians and record labels to get through these challenging times? Music Business Worldwide notes that, even if the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the members of the music industry, music streaming counts for a million dollars revenue per hour for the world's major record labels. Of course, the pandemic has made us listen to music in different ways, seeing that live performances have decreased to their bare minimum and it could stay like so for the rest of the year. This gives us the additional kick to welcome the upcoming CMC Festival as well as the Velika rock eksplozija, but also to reflect upon the 23rd Večeri dalmatinske šansone in Šibenik and listen to the most played songs on Croatian radio stations. You’ll be hearing songs by Colonia, Domenica, The Obala and Massimo.  Welcome to the Incubator! Our host, as always, is our unique - Ana Radišić.

Track list: Neno Belan - Ne volin jugo (Dallas), Marko Kutlić - Kreni (Hit Records), Anja Viktorija Peršić - Tvrđave (Croatia Records), Kristina Boban - Zemlja i zrak (Dallas), Colonia - Doza (Croatia Records), Saša Jakelić - Rujanska noć (Menart), 4 Tenora - Moja Dalmacija (Scardona), Domenica – Zovi (Tonika/Croatia), Nina Fakin - Ljetni snovi (Scardona), The Obala - Od tebe ća (Dancing Bear), Žanamari, J'Animals - Nova pravila (Menart), Massimo - Mali krug velikih ljudi (Aquarius), Elis Lovrić - Je ča je (Akcent Studio/Croatia)

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Have you already checked out our profiles on Deezer, Spotify and Apple Music? You can find us under the name “Hrvatska diskografska udruga,” where you’ll be able to listen to our playlists according to your mood, as well as the playlist with 100 Croatian songs for this summer. You’ll also find genre-based playlists pop, novo, zabavno, alternativno and asfalt, as well as vikend party, nedjeljni chill, optimizam i renesansa, zabavno: antologija and uvijek dobre. A part of this rich spectre of Croatian music will follow us in this week’s Incubator. You will be hearing music news, the top 40 chart and an excellent album by Full Ferry and Bruns Lay, called “House Vibra.” You will also hear songs by Nika Turković, Marko Kutlić, Brain Holidays and Lorena Bućan. Welcome to the Incubator! Your host will be, as always, our Ana Radišić.


Novi fosili - Za dobra stara vremena (Croatia Records), Jure Lubina - Ljubav nije hir (Dancing Bear), Nika Turković - Gledaj me (Pocket Palma Remix) (Aquarius), Full Ferry & Bruns Lay feat. Josipa Lisac - YSL (Aquarius), Mia Negovetić - Pusti (Croatia Records), Elvis Sršen Noa - Otkada te imam (Menart), Marko Kutlić - Kao predivan san (Hit Records), Brain Holidays feat. Italee - Petar Pan (Dallas), Neno Belan & Zorana Kačić Čatipović - Čarobna stvar (Dallas), 4 Tenora - Moja Dalmacija (Scardona), Lorena Bućan - Kako samo mater zna (Tonika/Croatia), Matija - Ti nemaš pojma (Dancing Bear),  Massimo - Mali krug velikih ljudi (Aquarius), Novi fosili - Milena (Croatia)

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