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Music radio show featuring best Croatian music - produced by Croatian Phonographic Association, hosted by Ana Radisic and Korenlije Hecimovic.


Croatian Phonographic Association has a new summer playlist on Apple Music and Deezer, with the best Croatian songs for our summer months. In this summerish mood, we offer you an overview of musical news, information regarding changes on the HR Top 40 chart and a close look into an interesting new album. This time, we will be discovering a rock delight by a Croatian band Vervet, called "Dok plačeš i smiješ se." We'll also be hearing songs by Bojan Jambrošić, Hari Rončević, Nika Turković and Goran Bare & Majke. 


Track list:

Damir Kedžo - Nedodirljiva (Croatia Records), Bojan Jambrošić - Sve boje (Dallas), Ivan Zak feat. L'Titude & Fya Philly - Ja ti se kunem (Hit Records), Nela - Melodrama (Croatia Records), Miazma, Lea Mijatović - Nikada, (Menart), Vervet - Dobar dan (Dancing Bear), Hari Rončević - Idem jugu svom (Scardona), Marko Kutlić - Kreni (Hit Records), Nika Turković - Gledaj me (Aquarius), Nina Kraljić - Snaga (Dallas), Sebastian Doe i Gosti - Zagrebački apel za Markov trg i Bruxelles (Spona), Igor Delač - Nikad nije kasno (Croatia Records), Goran Bare & Majke - Rođen za suze (Croatia Records)

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Have you already made your summer playlist? If you still haven't got around to it, feel free to check out the profiles of Croatian Phonographic Association (HDU) on Apple Music and Deezer, and find the one which suits you the best. For example, you'll be able to find the playlist "novo" with current hits, "asfalt" with hip hop songs, "alternativa" which covers indie music or "uvijek dobre" with Croatian evergreens. 

This week, our Incubator features songs by, among many others, Sandi Cenov, Magazin, Massimo and Neno Belan. In this week's episode you'll be able to get the freshest news from the world of music, as well as follow the HR top 40, the official chart with top 40 songs in Croatia. A brutally good album choice is the album by the duo "The Siids", called 'Brutalist,' which is officially our Album of the week. 

List of tracks:

Josip Palameta - Rendezvous (kod Antonije) (Menart), Sandi Cenov feat. Plesni zbor Zagrepčanke i dečki - Naša mala tajna (Hit Records), Bruno i Veronika Krajcar - Sve će biti dobro (Aquarius Records), The Siids - Moments of Laughing (Dallas), Mayales feat. Ivana Starčević - Još jedan krug (Aquarius Records), Magazin - Jaka sam ti ja (Tonika/Croatia), Goran Karan - Dugo nisam bio mlad (Scardona), Matija Cvek – Plaža (Menart), Matija - Budi mi sve (Dancing Bear), Massimo - Mali krug velikih ljudi (Aquarius Records), Cambi, Neno Belan - Oceani ljubavi, (Dallas), Luka Basi, Neda Ukraden - Ni Dubai, ni Hawaii (Croatia Records)

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Big musical weekend is behind us. Last Sunday was World Music Day! And that`s not all - Bob Dylan and Neil Young dropped their albums and we welcomed new hits by Yello and Public Enemy. According to a research about the impact of the pandemic on music listening on streaming services, this Spring, people have listened to old hits more than ever before.

In honour of this interesting fact and a new/old album that recently came out, we have decided to dedicate this episode of Incubator to some songs that have been around for a while. And our Album of the week is? You guessed it - a compilation of songs by Lidija Bajuk called “Senjico senjala - 30 godina javnog glazbovanja”. This album is a long awaited edition of her greatest hits.

But that`s not all. Incubator always brings you the freshest hits and news from the music industry, and this week we`re listening to hits by The Obala, Leteći odred, BETI and Lidija Bačić – Lille.  

 List of tracks: 

Marei - Hrani li te slatko (Menart), The Obala - Lipi dani (Dancing Bear), Leteći odred – Uspomene (Croatia Records),  Lidija Bajuk – Zora-djevojka (Live) (Scardona), ITD Band – Zagreb (Hit Records), Beti – Slobodna (Aquarius Records), Vinko Ćemeraš i Talvi Tuuli - Samo da ti si tu (Universal Music Hrvatska), Marko Tolja - O tebi ovisan (Aquarius Records), Sandro Bastiančić i Nikolina Tomljanović - Letimo dalje (Dallas Records), Massimo - Mali krug velikih ljudi (Aquarius Records), Klapa Rišpet - Maka, maka (Hit Records, Pero Kozomara), Lidija Bačić Lille – Satra (Menart, Fayo Music), Bobo i Radiofonik – Cjepivo (Croatia Records, Bonton Music)

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As of June 14th, HDU is officially 25 years old!

This is why this week`s Incubator is dedicated to the best of Croatian music in the past quarter of a century. In this special, we are going back in musical history and hearing from some of our favorite musicians of today.

We`re going to learn more about top charts, streaming services, and music awards, as well as taking a peek into the world of Croatian show-biz.

Tune in, cause we got the best hits from ET, Parni Valjak, Tony Cetinski, Massimo, and so many more, coming right up in this special episode.

List of tracks: 

Dino Dvornik – Afrika (Croatia Records), ET - Da ti nisam bila dovoljna (Scardona), Magazin, Lidija Horvat Dunjko – Nostalgija (Tonika), Parni valjak - Sve još miriše na nju (Croatia Records), Bolesna braća - Lovačke priče (Menart), Tony Cetinski - Sve je s tobom napokon na mjestu (Hit Records), Detour - Kroz tebe se vidi (Aquarius Records), Pavel - Zbog tebe (Dallas Records), Igor Delač - Nikad nije kasno (Croatia Records), Zdenka Kovačiček Adut (Dancing Bear), Josipa Lisac – Daleko (Croatia Records), En Face feat. Damir Urban - S dlana Boga pala si (Dallas Records), Massimo - Mali krug velikih ljudi (Aquarius Records)

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HDU is celebrating their 25th birthday on June 14th! And what better way to celebrate than to dedicate an episode of Incubator to the greatest hits of the past quarter of the century. So, stay tuned because that is what the next weeks episode is going to be all about. This week we`re bringing you the best NEW hits on the Croatian music scene.

This weeks Album of the week goes to Ivana Kovač and her excellent new album “Srećo i tugo”. We`ll hear the best of the best as we go through the songs on the latest HR Top 40 list. Today we are listening to ITD Band, Pavel, Detour and Ogenj. Let`s listen!

List of tracks:

Massimo - Mali krug velikih ljudi (Aquarius Records), ITD Band – Zagreb (Hit Records), Daria Hodnik - Srce od stakla (Croatia Records), Ivana Kovač i Banana Band - Samo ljubav (Scardona), Neki to vole vruće - Teška vremena 2020 (Croatia Records), Pavel - Bijela jedra (Dallas Records), Detour – Šarena (Aquarius Records), Nela - Melodrama (Acoustic) (Croatia Records), Sandi Cenov - Naša mala tajna (Hit Records), Pravila igre - Usne od šećera (Gema Produkcija), Ogenj - Zanavek buš moja (Dancing Bear), Veja - Teško majki (Goran Farkaš/Sedma sekunda),Toni Starešinić - Savski epilog (Menart)

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