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Music radio show featuring best Croatian music - produced by Croatian Phonographic Association, hosted by Ana Radisic and Kornelije Hecimovic.

June 25, 2020

Inkubator dobre glazbe by HDU - 25.6.2020

Big musical weekend is behind us. Last Sunday was World Music Day! And that`s not all - Bob Dylan and Neil Young dropped their albums and we welcomed new hits by Yello and Public Enemy. According to a research about the impact of the pandemic on music listening on streaming services, this Spring, people have listened to old hits more than ever before.

In honour of this interesting fact and a new/old album that recently came out, we have decided to dedicate this episode of Incubator to some songs that have been around for a while. And our Album of the week is? You guessed it - a compilation of songs by Lidija Bajuk called “Senjico senjala - 30 godina javnog glazbovanja”. This album is a long awaited edition of her greatest hits.

But that`s not all. Incubator always brings you the freshest hits and news from the music industry, and this week we`re listening to hits by The Obala, Leteći odred, BETI and Lidija Bačić – Lille.  

 List of tracks: 

Marei - Hrani li te slatko (Menart), The Obala - Lipi dani (Dancing Bear), Leteći odred – Uspomene (Croatia Records),  Lidija Bajuk – Zora-djevojka (Live) (Scardona), ITD Band – Zagreb (Hit Records), Beti – Slobodna (Aquarius Records), Vinko Ćemeraš i Talvi Tuuli - Samo da ti si tu (Universal Music Hrvatska), Marko Tolja - O tebi ovisan (Aquarius Records), Sandro Bastiančić i Nikolina Tomljanović - Letimo dalje (Dallas Records), Massimo - Mali krug velikih ljudi (Aquarius Records), Klapa Rišpet - Maka, maka (Hit Records, Pero Kozomara), Lidija Bačić Lille – Satra (Menart, Fayo Music), Bobo i Radiofonik – Cjepivo (Croatia Records, Bonton Music)

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